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Music On The Westside

Group Classes click for details.....Fall Semester starts in October!

We teach children to love themselves thru music

Students benefit from music education because it develops the whole person, builds music literacy while cultivating intuition, builds capacity for reasoning, builds capacity for imagination, and builds the dexterity needed for unique forms of expression and communication.

Music is one of humanity's deepest rivers of continuity. It connects each new generation to those which have gone before. Students need music to make these connections and to express what may otherwise be inexpressible.



Meet Our Teachers

A great teacher evolves from so much more than route knowledge.

  • Musical Director

    Bachelor in the Arts & MISM Trained in classical piano & contemporary voice Oversees and directs all business aspects of Music on the West  more >

  • Slider Image Jazz & Folk Musician

    Coursework in jazz composition Blues, jazz, and Soul music Experience in jazz bands and jam sessions Extremely well suited for teaching  more >

  • Mariachi Musician 

    Violinist and Vocalist in local mariachi band.  more >

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What our clients say

What Students & Parents Are Saying
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    Music On The West Side is a studio that promotes the love of music. It is a relaxed, and yet a result oriented atmosphere for all it's students at various levels of exposure to the art of music. The instructors are always willing to tailor their instructions on an individual basis, giving each student their unique opportunity and experience.

    Students Mother, Derin

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    Music On The West Side has really given our daughter Savannah the confidence she needed to move forward in her love of music. Learning the piano and learning to sing the “right” way have made a huge difference in Savannah’s musical abilities. Thanks Jen!

    Students Mother, Christy

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    My daughter started taking piano lessons again after a long break and loves it! She doesn’t feel pressured to perform at a certain level and actually practices! The prices are great! This school was a find!

    Students Mother, Holly

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    Very easygoing, pleasant and flexible for my particular goals.

    Student, Linda B.

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    My daughter is 10 and we have been trying to find a new teacher for several months. I was afraid she may have lost interest in playing. She enjoyed her first lesson with Jennifer Brewer so much that it has been several days and she has practiced on her own and can't wait until the next lesson. Her teacher was very organized, motivating and fun. It is nice to see her enjoying piano again. Will recommend Music on the Westside to my friends who are interested in taking piano lessons.

    Students Mother, Valerie M.