Music On The West Side is a studio that promotes the love of music. It is a relaxed, and yet a result oriented atmosphere for all it's students at various levels of exposure to the art of music. The instructors are always willing to tailor their instructions on an individual basis, giving each student their unique opportunity and experience.
Students Mother, Derin
My daughter is 10 and we have been trying to find a new teacher for several months. I was afraid she may have lost interest in playing. She enjoyed her first lesson with Jennifer Brewer so much that it has been several days and she has practiced on her own and can't wait until the next lesson. 
Students Mother, Valerie M.
Music On The West Side has really given our daughter Savannah the confidence she needed to move forward in her love of music. Learning the piano and learning to sing the “right” way have made a huge difference in Savannah’s musical abilities. Thanks Jen! 
Students Mother, Christy
My 5-year-old daughter takes private piano lessons with Ms. Kati at Music on the Westside. Their music material is systematic and they are experienced in teaching young kids. Maddison progresses steadily and gains confidence from the encouragement and positive feedback that Ms. Kati gives her. Her teaching method is thorough and instructive, which helps build a solid foundation for kids to develop their interests and skills in playing piano. I feel Maddison gets lots of individual attention from her, which she might not have in any other franchise commercial music school.
Through her unique blend of insight, intuition, and honesty, Jen helps to reveal the importance of music in everyone not just the children that are being sent to Music on the Westside. Jen’s deep understanding of the day to day needs of not only the children needs but the parents as well makes life a lot easier with the scheduling and the location of Music on the Westside. Thanks to Jen, I can balance everything that needs to get done and I no longer have to stress about the day to day activities of my children.
Thanks to Music on the Westside Ms. Jen and Ms. Katie my daughter looks forward to Monday nights and her piano lesson.

LeAnn B., Mother of Maddison
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